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RADS Systems

  1. RADS II
  2. Retardant Aerial Delivery System
  3. Airborne Fire Fighting System for Fixed Wing and Rotary Platforms

The modification of an aircraft to the fire fighting mission is accomplished by the installation of the RADS II tank system. The RADS II employs a patented Constant Flow Control system that offers superior performance and multiple flow rate combinations.

Programmable Controller

During the drop the Programmable Controller senses the level of retardant and constantly adjusts the door opening to maintain the selected flow rate. This computerized control logic enables the pilot to select and control coverage level and quantity to produce the desired drop pattern. The doors operate with full or partial tank fluid levels, precisely controlling the flow regardless of the level of retardant remaining in the tank.


The RADS II provides a continuous and uniform drop pattern. The RADS II system is certified by the FAA and Transport Canada. The system has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Interagency Airtanker Board (IAB).


The RADS II provides reliable, versatile, effective and economical fire fighting capabilities. In grasslands, heavy timber or chaparral, in initial attack or containment support, the RADS II remains the industry leader.


Comparative ground patterns after fire retardant release from the RADS II constant flow tank system compared to the multiple door drop system, reveal more uniform retardant delivery, preventing possible fire burn through.


  • Aircraft is loaded with retardant and flies to drop destination.
  • The flight crew selects the tank quantity and coverage level to be used during the drop.
  • Flight crew initiates drop command.
  • The RADS II system programmable controller monitors fluid level continuously during the drop.
  • Input is transmitted to the door actuators to meter flow and quantity.
  • Drop sequence is completed.
  • Aircraft returns to Tanker base and begins the cycle again.