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Purchasing and Consignment

As part of our business model, UAC is continually looking to refresh our inventory with material from various aircraft of all types and sizes. UAC has many years of experience: a) purchasing complete inventories and whole aircraft, b) handling consignment agreements, and c) organizing individual lot purchases for various inventories. By selling your slow-moving parts to UAC, we can help you realize the maximum potential return for your assets, which can be better spent in areas you choose.

Whether you’re looking to divest any spare parts, inventories, aircraft, data, tooling, equipment, and even whole companies, UAC would be happy to discuss any of the possible options to move any of your non-performing assets. No proposal is too large or too small for us to review, and all inquiries will be held as confidential unless otherwise instructed.

Please send all business proposals to [email protected] for our review, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Various Services:

  • Outright purchase of material
  • Assisting customers with fast liquidation
  • Valuating excess aviation parts and aircraft engines
  • Comprehensive consignment services